Our vision

From Dream to Reality

Make reliable and efficient neurological diagnoses accessible to a greater number of people.

During my childhood, I was confronted to Alzheimer’s disease. I realized that a great number of us live through the experience of neurodegenerative diseases. These diseases and their consequences affect one person in four, either directly or indirectly. For many years now, the BDI team made the decision to do everything possible to deliver concrete solutions.


I Had a Dream…

That night, I had a dream. I was in my room, when my grandmother came in, but she did not recognize me. I did not understand. She, who was joyful, lively and loved us so much: I still remember as if it were yesterday, seeing her run towards us with arms wide open. So, I asked the doctor:

— ­ Please fix my grandmother’s head… Can’t you see what wrong inside?!

The doctor agreed and placed my grandmother in a large machine and made a film of the inside of her head. Together, we looked at these incredible images and noticed the presence of bizarre plaques, which imprisoned her memories.

— ­I beg of you Doctor, can you make these horrible things disappear?

— Maybe with the help of this machine, I can create a treatment plan until these things fly away?

The doctor patiently worked for a long time, until one day, my grandmother entered my room and said:

— Shall we go play on the beach my darling Eve?



After 15 years of thought, research and experience in international hospitals, out of a strong scientific council and convinced that it will expand geographically and by discipline, Brain Dynamic Imaging is born in October 2013.


Brain Dynamic Imaging


Today, BDI is a young innovative enterprise that allies our unique competences from business or from research, with the scientific and medical world. These talents have the common desire to continuously improve the medical service provided, particularly in imaging, and more specifically in positron emission tomography.



Social responsibility


Each department at Brain Dynamic Imaging has the opportunity to do an immersive internship in specialized medical services, allowing them to better comprehend the daily problems; whether they be financial, economical, marketing, R&D, technological or industrial. Thanks to the sharing of practical knowledge we are able to expand our talents and competences.

Taking the Collective into Consideration

Hospitals, health authorities, practitioners, patients, researchers, caregivers, environment, providers, regions, local and territorial collectives.

Sustainable Development

Natural Resources

Our Research and Development department optimizes the use of fossil and mineral resources necessary for the fabrication of our equipment. 


The conception of our equipment allows for the recovery of the subsets of our products thanks to a flexible, modular and intelligent assembly system.

Brain Dynamic Imaging is responsible for the elements that it produces and recovers defective pieces by reintegrating them into the recycling process intended for this purpose.