The Optim-Space experience

Optimize your Department of Nuclear Medicine

We accompany you and take into account the “24 hours of service” for better patient care and greater team agility.


The Optim-Space experience is there to support you in the betterment of your performance. Optim-Space helps you optimize the potential of your equipment, of you employees and of the space available. We help you plan your future.


A Tailor-Made Service

The Optim-Space experience is a complete solution taking into account patient care scenarios, from their entry into nuclear medicinal care to their exit.

The objectives are:

  • To eliminate breaks in the line of care and of diagnosis
  • To optimize the radioactive dose (limited time of efficacy)
  • To optimize the space and flow of service providers
  • To reduce exam time



Prise en charge des handicap This service takes into account sensitive pathologies as well as your patients’ reduced mobility.


Our Expertise Accompanies You

The Optim-Space experience is a tailor-made experience that allows you:

  • Real-time visualization of your department of nuclear medicine
  • Help your team “see” and understand alternatives and equipment to take into consideration
  • Visualize, in an optimal way, the flow of the service with 2D and 3D supports
  • Efficient global implementation by sending products and plan recommendations to your architect