Our mission

Improve Your Care

You will save time and increase precision thanks to these ultra-performing tools.

Hospitals, practitioners, health authorities, and patients: out of our daily exchanges we have the desire to accompany you in the improvement of your medical services.

Today, close to 135 million people in the world are affected by neurodegenerative diseases. One person in ten is affected by the age 65, and one in three by 85. Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral oncology (cancer), Parkinson’s, epilepsy and depression represent a major public health concern. The conception of an imager dedicated to the brain and with advanced specifications is therefore indispensable in the fight against this plight.

Our mission is to realize this technological prowess, which produces functional and unparalleled molecular images of the brain. Early reliable neurological diagnosis becomes accessible to the greater number.




For Patients

  • Provide a comfortable space
  • Lighten their care environment
  • Shorten their exam
  • Protect them by reducing the dose injected
  • Precisely detect their pathology for better care


For Practitioners

  • Improve early diagnosis thanks to a more precise, sensitive and dynamic image
  • Guide therapeutic choices
  • Facilitate therapeutic follow-ups
  • Benefit from an innovative tool for research and therapeutic innovation
  • Reduce acquisition time and therefore exam time


For Hospitals

  • Increase the number of exams
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce downtime and ownership costs
  • Optimize the services provided by nuclear medicine


For Health Authorities

  • Takes into account the objectives set by the French Nuclear Safety (Autorité de sûreté nucléaire; ASN) (reduce the injected dose)
  • Increase the chance for a better treatment
  • Quality exams
  • Reduce the health costs for the collective


Brain Dynamic Imaging subscribes to the will of l’Amélioration du Service Medical Rendu (ASMR) (Improvement of Medical Service Provided).