A Major Innovation

According to Key Opinion Leaders

Unparalleled specifications, notable improvements in expected performance, an essential tool for cerebral diagnoses.

Key opinion leaders are very receptive to the product’s specifications, in particular, to millimeter-resolution and sensitivity.


The use of a full-body PET camera to explore the brain generates significant additional costs. An imager dedicated to the brain does not yet exist […]. There is a market for it. Over 300 research centers in neurology are your clients. Without taking into account hospitals.

Head of department, Coppenhague hospital, Denmark – Overseer of 14 PET & cameras at an average of €5 M each


The originality of this project comes from the notable improvement in the quality of images, a less-voluminous machine, rapid acquisition of data and foremost, reduced exam time for the patient. […] This new device will be considered an essential tool in the future, whether it is in a clinic or in research.

Head of department, Pôle tête et cou (Head and Neck Pole), Strasbourg hospital, France


I am impressed by the specifications of the product presented, and mainly by the [high volume millimeter-resolution], which is significantly better than the specifications of devices already present in the market.

Head of department, Pitié Salpétrière hospital, France


The specifications are impressive, I would really like to have more information about this device, and how the high-volume resolution and sensitivity threshold has been attained.

Founder of Parkinson’s and movement disorders program, USA


Attention map computed with the use of a mathematical model has indeed the advantage of reducing the complexity and duration of the exam, as well as avoiding excess radiation for the patient caused by x-rays, however, despite its technical feasibility, I would wait to see how it stacks up against the CT.

Head of department of nuclear medicine, Pitié Salpétrière hospital, France


It is a patented disruptive technology that enables us to attain excellent resolution.

Head of CEA investissement, France


Its an incredible opportunity to contribute to the development of a unique PET imager […] allowing us to considerably reduce the quantity of radioactive product injected in patients while obtaining functional images of greater resolution than is being achieved at the moment. The recognition of Brain Dynamic Imaging by the scientific and medical world would be an undeniable asset.

French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), France

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