Let’s Team up to Answer to a Worldwide  Growing Need

More and more of our clients are looking for a reliable, non invasive and early stage neurological diagnostic.

Brain Dynamic Imaging, the most precise and real answer to customers’ needs.


Numbers and quality of current Equipment do not satisfy PET scan exams everyday growth.

Worldwide need

  • In 2011: 6 million PET exams (2 million of which are in the USA)
  • In 2018: 15 million PET exams (5 million of which are in the USA)
  • In 2011: neurology accounted for 2 percent of these exams
  • In 2018: neurology will account for 20 percent of these exams
  • The year 2014 saw the commercialization of new radiotracers dedicated to neurodegenerative diseases
  • 2014: refunding of PET cerebral exams (Full-body equipment does not provide satisfaction in terms of costs and image resolution).
  • 135 million patients suffer from neurodegenerative diseases in 2015. This number will double by 2040.


  • 5000 hospitals and clinics awaiting the BDI solution
  • 300 research centers awaiting the BDI solution
    Their requirements for a superior return

    • Budgetary: expecting a report on the cost of the exam/cost-efficient refund
    • Performance: expecting a high quality and precise image in order to limit the risks associated with intervention and neurological diagnostic errors
    • Efficacy: shortening long and costly exams, thus making them less expensive




A growing world market

Beyond the statistics, the teams at Brain Dynamic Imaging are in the field and are aware of practitioners and hospitals’ needs across Europe. The teams have access to key opinion leaders, who have expressed a strong interest in the Brain Dynamic Imaging solution. 

A disruptive innovation responding a global market

Thanks to a globally recognized and patented new technology, Brain Dynamic Imaging can make an image of exceptional quality financially accessible.

A new approach to the economic model, focused on ownership costs, allows our clients to optimize the ratio between the number of exams and the quality of the diagnostics. The client can then manage the benefits and risks of his medical service himself.

A revolutionary device

The conception of the device itself allows for a better control of production costs; the use of rare elements from raw materials is optimized in a way that is better than our competitors. The standardization of the components, derived from the simplicity and flexibility of the assembly of the product, allows for an easy and reactive maintenance process directly at the client’s location.

An experienced and determined team

The multidisciplinary team at Brain Dynamic Imaging is formed by experts in technology, finance, leading industry and world-renowned scientific advisors.

  A rapid and significant return on investment

 Why invest in 2015?

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Your financial advantages
The Brain Dynamic Imaging society, recognized as an innovative young enterprise, benefits from the best financial dispositions. It allows you to deduct up to 50 percent from your taxes.